Journalists of France’s Le Monde Caught in Fire in Armenia’s Martuni: 2 Citizens of France Injured

11:49 01-10-2020
Journalist of France’s Le Monde media have been caught in fire in Artsakh’s Martuni city conflict zone, as it was reported by Hovhannes Movsisyan, Director of Public Relations and Information Center.
“Two people were injured. According to our preliminary information, both of them are citizens of France,” writes the statement of the Public Relations and Information Center chief.
This conflict was escalated on September 27, when Azerbaijan unleashed massive attack on Artsakh, including its urban territories inhabited by peaceful citizens. The armed forces of Artsakh, in self-defence efforts, have annihilated 10 helicopters, 90 combat drones, 184 military technical units – mostly tanks, one combat plane, 82 military vehicles, 10 tank transporters, one TOS-1A heavy artillery complex, 2 “Smerch” and 1 “Uragan” heavy assault rocket complexes.
In this aggression and unleashed attack Azerbaijan has lost 1,280 men, 180 out of which only in the direction of Karvachar. Azerbaijan has more than 2,700 wounded soldiers and fighters. It is worth mentioning, that according to confirmed information, a part of these casualties and wounded soldiers are terrorists deployed from Syrian front by Turkey into mainland Azerbaijan to unleash this attack against Armenia.
Armenia has reported the loss if 103 soldiers, and 200 wounded people, 120 out of which are receiving intensive medical care, whereas the remaining number of soldiers have recovered and returned to the front to defend their homeland against this aggression. Azerbaijan’s armed forces have also targeted the military and civic infrastructure in Armenia and Artsakh, as a result of which one civilian was killed in Armenia, and 7 in Artsakh. Armenia and Artsakh announced martial law on September 27.