Stop your campaign of blatant threats against the journalists’ lives and activities

22:33 26-07-2023


Yesterday, after Nikol Pashinyan’s press conference that lasted for hours, during which the journalistic community put him in an uncomfortable situation with their questions, arguing back and drawing parallels to 2018 revolution, between the statements made by him during his tenure back then and now, raising questions also from the people of Artsakh, the parents of those who died in the 44-day war and ordinary citizens, representatives of the government, circles close to the government, the so-called governmental “NPO of the fake”, fake users, as well as some journalists who participated in the press conference were targeted by various groups close to the authorities, pro-government fake “media” (which don’t even have an editorial staff), and in particular, journalist Ani Gevorgyan, founder of the website, and Hripsime Jebejyan, a journalist of website.

Illiterate, threatening posts are posted on various social media pages, including those addressed to their families, moreover Nikol Pashinyan’s spokesperson, Nazeli Baghdasaryan, does not hide that she is instructed to find out from Hripsime Jebejyan the phone number of her relative, whose words were conveyed by the journalist.

Actually, publications about this appear on the website belonging to Nikol Pashinyan’s family and spread in the media associated with a person holding a high position in the prime minister’s staff.

It seems that they want to retaliate against the journalist and their relatives, while the journalist has no obligation to hand over any phone number to anyone, even if Nikol Pashinyan demands that phone number.

Threats are also said against Ani Gevorgyan. Mostly, fake users threaten to burn her, torture her, insult her and utter the ugliest insults, both her and Hripsime Jebejyan, and this is not done randomly or spontaneously. Attacks on journalists have been generated since yesterday, including on the social network pages of the so-called political society members close to the government.

The Union of Journalists of Armenia strongly condemns these organized, targeted, impudent and brazen attacks on journalists, and calls for them to stop. The journalists fulfilled their professional duties and functions, they did not insult Nikol Pashinyan, they did not interrupt him, they did not argue, they disagreed and adduced, they were as restrained as possible, in case when he accused the journalists of various sins, including calling simple questions political action

By the way, all over the world, if necessary, the media and journalists are free to organize an action on all the issues that have public importance, which the same Nikol Pashinyan has done many times during his journalistic activities.

The authorities, particularly Nikol Pashinyan himself, are solely responsible for all of this.

Stop targeted harassment, targeting journalists and media, control your instincts, fears, stop group attacks on journalists; no government has ever succeeded and will never succeed in silencing free speech.

Regarding the situation created by this statement, we also draw the attention of RA Human Rights Defender Anahit Manasyan, who on the very first day of taking office announced her readiness to value the work of journalists and support them.

We also draw the attention of the law enforcement agencies to the problem. journalists’ lives, professional activities, movement are at risk, and you are responsible for disrupting their lives and activities.

With this announcement, we also inform the international partners of the Union of Journalists of Armenia, alerting them about the campaign against journalists, anti-democratic and anti-freedom of speech actions unleashed by the RA authorities and pro-government circles.

We also call on the public not to give in to targeted provocations, to realize the seriousness of the moment and to stand in support of the journalistic community, the state, and stand up for their right to be informed.

Union of Journalists of Armenia