In defense of Davit Sargsyan and against his illegal arrest

21:04 25-09-2023

A little while ago, Davit Sargsyan, a journalist of “168 Zham” ( was arrested after being illegally held in the investigative body for about 6 hours, i.e, arrest without a warrant. According to the report of the Investigative Committee, Davit Sargsyan was arrested on suspicion of committing hooliganism.

Moreover, according to his defenders, the police officer who brought Davit Sargsyan into custody changed the report several times and forged the documents.

For those who know Davit Sargsyan, it is obvious that this behavior described has nothing to do with him. Regarding David, considering his journalistic activities, there is clearly a political persecution, because what is attributed to our colleague happened live, and it cannot be described as hooliganism in any way.

Davit Sargsyan, as someone related to science and university, as a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, carried out a civil action in YSU today, trying to prevent the acceptance of the anti-Armenian statement, which was tried to force the members of the YSU Scientific Council to accept.

Davit Sargsyan’s civic attitude and activism were a very good opportunity for the current government to isolate and silence him.

The Union of Journalists of Armenia strongly condemns the persecution of the journalist, calls on the journalistic community not to be indifferent to what is happening to their colleague, to raise their voice in defense of Davit Sargsyan.

We call on our international partners, human rights organizations dealing with issues of freedom of speech, to condemn the fact of the illegal and groundless arrest of Davit Sargsyan, to follow the development of events in order to prevent the manifestations of permissiveness that are deepening day by day in Armenia.

 Union of Journalists of Armenia