Journalist’s life is alerted to be in danger

10:44 16-09-2023

A few days ago, the Union of Journalists of Armenia issued a statement condemning the attacks, insults and harassment against journalist Ani Gevorgyan, the founder of the website, by supporters and sympathizers of the “Civil Contract” party, as well as individual officials.

Unfortunately, the ruling power not only did not improve the situation, but also exacerbated the tension. Therefore, we can confidently state that what happened was directed and encouraged by the elite of the ruling power, particularly Nikol Pashinyan himself.

A little while ago, there was a attack on the journalist covering Tigran Avinyan’s pre-election closing campaign, who heads the list of the ruling power at Yerevan City Council Elections. Not happy with the ugliest insults, curses, provocations and offensive expressions, the supporters of the “Civil Contract” party already used violence today: throwing a bottle and hitting the journalist with a flagstick and the cameraman working with her, trying to intimidate media representatives doing their job.

We repeat: everything happened live. videos are available.

The Union of Journalists of Armenia once again calls on the law enforcement bodies to properly respond to what is happening, to put an end to this permissiveness, and on the leadership of the “Civil Contract” party to restrain the instincts of their sympathizers and supporters.

As a result of the inaction of law enforcement bodies, the work of mass media employees is hindered, the lives of journalists and cameramen are endangered.

We also appeal to our international partners, international and local organizations carrying out an observation mission, to assess what happened, to take steps to ensure the smooth work of media representatives.