Narine Beglaryan: “Changes to accreditation policies shall serve for public interests, but we don’t see that happening here”

15:12 08-09-2021

“A new tendency is showing up that is directed towards putting certain limits in the society, which is the reaon why some legal acts are being adopted and enforced for that purpose these days,” said Narine Beglaryan, lawyer of “Concern Dialogue” law firm, during a recent discussion entitled “Against media restrictions, for the sake of free speech and the right to be informed” organizaed by Armenia’s Union of Jounralists. She emphasized that criminalizing insulting language opens up a door for manipulations, which is going to complicate the work of lawyers.

The latter does not believe that criminalizing insulting language is will not serve its purpose, i.e. will not keep people from speaking bad language, because when something becomes usual, it stops having an exclusive impact.

According to the lawyer, there are opportunities for protection of journalists based on the law, and for this purpose they have to be active in the legal environment.

“When you start actively defending yourself, the other side keeps in mind that you have a character for active protection and also to some extent attack, next time they will think twice before taking a measure against you,” said Narine Beglaryan.

According to the lawyer, journalists have to use all legal tools and methods of influence available to be heard as much as possible.

“Always it is possible to reach your goal by fighting for your rights. We all, the lawyers, are ready to help journalists as much as our resources and time may allow,” concluded Narine Beglaryan.

More details are available in the video